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Taxpayers Are NOT Happy After Hearing What California Did With 1.3 BILLION Of Their Money

Taxpayers are deciding whether or not giving government employees and legislators in California is even safe after hearing what they did with taxpayer’s money.

“Los Angeles County paid illegal immigrant families over $1.3 billion dollars from 2015 to 2016, Fox News reports.

“The metric is over a quarter of the money the county has spent on its entire low-income population. The Department of Public Social Services, the entity that assesses welfare and food stamp benefits in the county, gave a summary of costs associated with the city’s lax sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants.

“According to a study by the Migration Policy Institute, Los Angeles has one of the highest concentration of undocumented people of any county in the country. It also permits undocumented families with children born in the U.S. to receive full welfare and food stamp benefits.”

Los Angelos doesn’t even have the money to be spending like that, but they are doing it in the name of liberalism.

“Data from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Services shows that more than 58,000 families collected $602 million in benefits in 2015. 64,000 families received a total of $675 million in 2016. The entire county’s population cost the state $3.1 billion in total welfare and food stamps in 2015, and $2.9 billion in 2016.

“A quarter of California’s 4 million undocumented immigrants currently reside in Los Angeles county.”

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Source: Fox News

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