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Top Conservative Leaving FOX News for ‘The View’. Bila Out After Asking Hillary Tough Question.

Bila Out as Conservative on The View. Recently Departed FOX News Host Likely In

This morning, out of nowhere, token conservative of ‘The View’, Jedediah Bila, announced that today was her last day on the show. This comes just days after Bila asked Hillary several straightforward questions about ‘What Happened’ (the name of Hillary’s book) during 2016 presidential campaign.

These were, by no means, tough questions, but they weren’t the softball questions, Hillary was promised, either. Hey, Hillary never had to answer any tough questions during 2016 campaign, why should she have to now?

Here is the exchange that, in all likelihood, cost Bila her job. Watch this clip, then read below to see who ‘lucky lady” is that may be joining the view.

Here is a clip from today’s show, where Jedediah Bila made a surprise announcement that she was leaving.  If you don’t want to look at Whoopi or Joy, skip this one and read below to see who’s replacing Bila as the “conservative” on the show.

And the winner is…..

Megan McCain

if being on “The View” can possibly make you a winner. 🙂

Last week Megan McCain, daughter of RINO senator John McCain, announced that she was leaving FOX News.   She made it sound as if she was leaving to support her father as he battles brain cancer, but multiple sources have reported the McCain is in the final stages of negotiation to take the “conservative lady” seat on “The View”.

No real, principled conservative, or Republican could stand to sit there with the “ladies” of ‘The View’ day after day, so Megan McCain should be prefect for the job.  Of course ‘The View’ would not hire a real conservative”

The Hill reports:

Meghan McCain is reportedly in talks to join ABC’s “The View.”

CNN, citing unidentified sources familiar with the discussions, reported that McCain is in late-stage talks with the show. A deal has not been finished, however.

The news comes after Jedediah Bila said Monday that she is leaving the program. She called her time on “The View” an “amazing journey.”

McCain announced last week she was leaving Fox News, where she was a co-host of “Outnumbered.”

She wrote on Twitter she was “thankful” to Fox News for the opportunity but was leaving to “focus on other things.”

“I have no doubt the show will continue to do well and wish all my friends and colleagues at the network nothing but success,” she wrote.

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